Our twin large scale, world renowned re-recording theatres are equipped with Avid/Euphonix 5 consoles and Dolby Atmos.  Onsite foley, ADR, pro tools sound editorial suites and world class re-recording mixers, such as multiple Academy Award® winner Michael Hedges, complete the package.

Park Road can also accommodate filmmakers’ re-recording mix team preferences and we frequently host Academy Award® winning mixers Chris Boyes and Michael Semanick.

We have also hosted Lora Hirschberg (Emperor), Andy Nelson (Tintin) and Gary Summers (The Hobbit films). Our workflows align closely with international standards allowing seamless integration with other world leading studios, whether it be music recording, ADR or foley.

Park Road benefits from working relationships with some of the world’s best sound designers, supervisors, and editors who can be contracted locally to the production.

Freelance Sound Community

Sound Suites
Theatres 1 & 2
Mike Hopkins Theatre 3
Foley Stage
TV Mix Suite
Sound Editorial Rooms
Client Lounges
Producer Offices
  • Theatre1&2
    Theatres 1 & 2
    • Two identical 230m2 cinema mix suites
    • THX and Dolby Premiere Certification
    • 640 channels of Protools HDX playback
    • Dual Avid/Euphonix System 5 consoles totaling 662 input channels
    • Full Dolby Atmos monitoring
    • Private Client Lounges and Producers Offices
  • mike-hopkins
    Mike Hopkins Theatre 3
    • 97m2 mid size cinema mix suite
    • 320 channels of Protools HDX playback
    • Avid/Euphonix console with 282 input channels
    • 7.1 screen monitoring with 7.1 B&W 800 Series nearfields
    • Christie projection
    • Private Producers office
  • foley
    Foley Stage
    • 63m2 purpose built foley stage with 33m2 control room
    • Dual Protools and Fairlight Record Systems
    • 5.1 monitoring
  • adr
    • 63m2 purpose built ADR Stage with 33m2 control room
    • Source Connect, ISDN Dolby Fax, Skype and Phone Patch connectivity
    • 64 channels of Protools playback
    • Dual operating stations including Avid/Euphonix System 5 Console
    • Large screen projection
  • tv-mix-suite
    TV Mix Suite
    • Protools HDX playback
    • In-the-box mixing with Avid Icon console
    • 7.1 Genelec DSP monitoring
    • Large screen projection
  • sound-editorial-room
    Sound Editorial Rooms
    • 20 editorial rooms from 10m2 to 20m2
    • Protools editing systems available upon request
    • Genelec monitoring available upon request
    • Premium server storage and back up systems
  • client-lounges
    Client Lounges
  • producer-offices
    Producer Offices
    • All theatres (1,2, and Mike Hopkins Theatre) have a Producers Office.
Sound Team

Sound Manager


Director of Engineering: Sound


Senior Re-Recording Mixer


Re-Recording Mixer