Wolf Warrior II

Director: Wu Jing

Action, Drama, War | (2017)

Duty calls for former Chinese Special Forces operative, better known as one of the Wolf Warriors, as he is caught in the middle of a warzone in Africa. Riddled with guilt after the missing of his girlfriend, he escapes his violent past by beginning a nomadic life as the cook on a cargo ship. But as heavy rioting erupts in the small town of Africa during a port stop, the former leader of Wolf Warrior is thrust back into action. He must reaffirm his duty as a soldier and save the day once again as he faces civil unrest between rebels and citizens, a widespread viral epidemic, all the while protecting a small child he befriended. This action-packed thriller culminates into a climactic battle between Feng and his toughest adversary yet, a mercenary known only as Bid Daddy.

Services include:

Sound Design, Editorial, ADR, Foley and Final Mix

Our team:

Dialogue Supervisor – Chris Ward

Effects Supervisor – Hayden Collow

Music Editor – Stephen Gallagher

Re-recording Mixers – Michael Hedges, Gilbert Lake