Park Road hosts the 10th annual Screen Edge Forum

Park Road hosts the 10th annual Screen Edge Forum

Park Road will play host to a range of documentary-making talent on the 13th of May during this years Screen Edge Forum, part of Doc Edge; New Zealand’s International Documentary Film Festival.

For ten years, Screen Edge has been an essential part of the Doc Edge Festival, to promote idea sharing and debate in a lively atmosphere which draws together local and international filmmakers alike.

2016 will see Screen Edge reach further into the Asia-Pacific region, adding to the festivals already cultural diversity. Guests speakers from Beijing, Jakarta, Tehran, Pacific Island nations and others will be welcomed at Park Road, all meeting and sharing in the spirit of collaboration.

There is also the opportunity to meet filmmakers and digital strategists from all over New Zealand, as well as local industry insiders from the NZ Film Commission, NZ On Air, distribution companies and local broadcast organisations.

Forum sessions include:

Local TV with Global Impact: we share insider tips on developing concepts that are relevant, examine the differences in structure and script that are required for factual TV series, and explore ways to secure international funding.

Shooting Women; we meet some of New Zealand’s top female cinematographers in conversation with their younger, emerging counterparts. Joined also by the NZ Film Commission, with news of this year’s scholarship for Women in Film.

Digital Interactive Storytelling; in the digital world, storytelling and technology are intrinsically linked, offering constantly growing avenues for interactivity. Some of the world’s leading creators of virtual reality and interactive experiences will share the stage with filmmakers and technologists, to discover where the lines converge.

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