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  • Park Road Post Production – 10 Day Industry Intensive

    ADRFor the first time, we are offering students the opportunity to learn from some of the best technical and creative minds in post production picture and sound.

    Selected students have a unique and valuable chance to experience the heart and soul of how traditional filmmaking meets digital technology, and to explore the incredible future of post production.

    Park Road Post Production – 10 Day Industry Intensive is an unprecedented, experience-based programme that gives students one-on-one attention from our experts in visual and sound techniques. The programme gives exclusive access to one of the world’s best facilities, therefore numbers are limited to 18 students.

    Global leader in Post Production

    Built in 2003 in Miramar, Wellington, Park Road Post Production is part of the Weta Group and incorporates picture, sound, and exhibition post production services used by some of the world’s finest film directors and producers.

    We pride ourselves on the calibre and quality of the Park Road operators, artists, and staff, and on the standard of excellence we achieve in every aspect of our work.

    While our state-of-the-art equipment and stunning suites are internationally renowned, our reputation is built on the passion, talent and discipline of our people.

    Theatre1&2      Course Dates

          Start Date: 31 October 2016

          End Date: 11 November 2016


    Meet some of the team

    Michael Hedges

    Senior Re-Recording Mixer

    Nigel Scott

    Sound Manager

    Damian McDonnell


    Rob Gordon

    Senior Online Editor

  • How is the course structured?

    Scheduled over 10 working days and split between Picture and Sound, you will experience one on one attention from the world’s best technical film practitioners. Using a pre-determined 2 minute clip, you will have the opportunity to observe how the technical and creative elements of a feature film come together. Picture and Sound will be treated independently, with 5 days on each, culminating in a final screening where all the elements come together to form the finished product.

    What does the course fee include?
    • Wellington airport transfers (international students only)
    • Breakfast and lunch each day (international students only)
    • Accommodation in Wellington for 13 nights at a 5 star hotel (international students only)
    • Visits to selected Wellington attractions
    • Daily return transfers from your hotel to Park Road
    • Course dinner and final reception
    What skills will I take away from the course?

    You will be exposed to state of the art technology and the best creative minds in the business. After five days in our picture department you will have experience in onset acquisition/dailies grading, online editing/conform, colour grading, stereography, VFX and mastering. In the sound aspect of the course, students will have experience in sound effects and sound design, foley, dialogue, music and mixing. Students will leave the course with an in-depth understanding of the process of post production and the role it plays in the entire filmmaking process.

    Is there a formal academic qualification attached to this programme?

    No. The programme is a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience at an industry-leading post production facility. Students will be presented with a Certificate of Completion at the conclusion of the programme.

    Is the course examined?

    While this course is not formally examined, our groups are small and our team will be continually assessing that you are learning the required skills. At the end of the course you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion which will reflect the new skills and experience that you have gained.

    Where will I stay?

    You will stay at the Museum Art Hotel, located on 90 Cable Street, in Central Wellington. Your room includes a kitchenette and laundry facilities.

    The Museum Art Hotel is two minutes’ walk from Courtenay Place, Wellington’s entertainment hub, giving you access to the city’s restaurants and attractions just a few steps from your door.

    How will I be looked after at Park Road?

    A Park Road staff member will be assigned to you during the duration of the course to answer questions and to ensure your experience in the facility is a great one. He or she will be a member of our Host team who look after clients and staff when in the facility.

    Will there be an opportunity to discover more of Wellington?

    Your Park Road Host will organise activities for your student group outside of course times to explore the region of Wellington and all it has to offer. The Museum Art Hotel will provide you with a superb location to check out Wellington life.

    What visa will I need to enter New Zealand?

    You should check your own visa requirements before applying for this course –

    If you have any questions please contact your local NZ embassy.  If you are selected for the course we will provide you with a letter of introduction.

    Please note you do not need to apply for a student study visa for this programme.

    Your passport must be valid for 6 months from date of entry.

    How do I apply?

    Follow the ‘Apply Now’ tab to submit an application.

    Please email for any further information regarding the 2016 Education Program.

  • You must satisfy the following criteria:

    1. You are asked to provide a short application in any form you wish, such as a written introduction or a short video. Successful applications will clearly display the reason students want to attend the program and the passion they have for film.
    1. The course will be delivered in English and you must be proficient in the English language.
    1. We are looking for students who are currently enrolled in a form of tertiary education in film or with previous work experience in the film industry. The tertiary education may be a university degree or another tertiary course relevant to film.
    1. You should be familiar with Avid Technology’s digital audio workstation ‘Pro Tools’. The sound component is structured around the use of this software.
    1. You must be able to obtain a visitor’s visa – see key facts for more information on visa process.
    2. You must be able to purchase your own return tickets to Wellington.
  • DATE                                   MILESTONE

    12 August                             – Applications have CLOSED

    Week of 15 August             – Applications reviewed

    22 Aug – 2 Sep                   – Skype interviews conducted

    Week of 5 Sept                   – Places offered

  • Overseas Students

    Course Fee – $12,000 NZD (including taxes)


    • Wellington airport transfers (international students only)
    • Breakfast and lunch each day (international students only)
    • Accommodation in Wellington for 13 nights at a 5 star hotel (international students only)
    • Visits to selected Wellington attractions
    • Daily return transfers from your hotel to Park Road (international students only)
    • Course dinner and final reception

    Payment details and timeline

    1st Deposit  |  $2000  |  Due date:  29 July 2016

    2nd Deposit  |  $2000  |  Due date:  29 August 2016

    Final Payment  |  $9800  |  Due date:  1 October 2016

    New Zealand Students

    Course Fee – $2000 (includes GST)


    •  Lunch daily
    •  Course dinner

    Payment details and timeline

    1st Deposit                          $500                            Due Date   16 September 2016

    2nd Deposit                        $500                            Due Date  30 September 2016

    Final Payment                   $1000                          Due Date    14 October 2016

    Domestic students will participate in the same hands-on, experience-based programme, but their course will not include accommodation, breakfasts, airport transfers and daily transfers. New Zealand students can choose to stay in the same hotel accommodation as international students, for an extra cost.

    For details of costings please email

  • Applications for the Park Road 10-Day Industry Intensive have officially CLOSED.